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Do you want a kick of adrenaline?

Experience the thrill and excitement of wingsurfing. They are different ways of learning this new sport, choose what suits you best!

Why Wing surfing?

Wing surfing is not supposed to replace windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. It's a complement, an addition, an alternative, and subgenre of wave riding and sailing.

"As soon as I begun learning this amazing new sport I started thinking how I was going to teach it. Today I have a clear idea on how I am going to organize the lessons. That said, I am pretty sure my teaching methods will change as the gears will evolve "
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Wing Foil

Wing foiling is the sport of riding a foil board while carrying a hand-held inflatable sail. It's all about carving around, having fun, and bringing the wind element to water sports enthusiasts that have only experienced wave riding and have never sailed before

Wing SUP

This is the safest way to discover wingsurf. Going for a long downwind on a large SUP will give you the basic knowledge to go further in your process of learning.

Wing Skate

By far the best way to start with a wing for those who can ride a skateboard or skates. You will rapidly understand how to steer a wing because on wheels you get a direct and clear feedback.