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This is the safest way to discover wingsurf. It will give you the basic knowledge to go further in your process of learning.

However this sport is very different from wingfoil and can be considered as a discipline in itself. If you have a SUP and don’t want to paddle when the wind is above 5knots then suddenly that paddle board gets a new lease of life. Add a surf wing and do some downwind adventures.

We recommend to learn Wing SUP in average wind conditions on a spot that is not exposed to the swell (between 10 and 20 knots of wind). It is easier to begin with a sidewind (sideshore) to avoid to get pushed aways from the coast (offshore wind) or to be sent back all the time to the shore (onshore wind).

We also recommend to select a spot that is shaped like a bay. This ways if you get too far away from your starting point you can still easily come back walking with your gear.

Is Wingsurfing hard to learn?

Not necessarily. Like skiing, technique is a lot more important that brute strength. Most students are successful if they’re dedicated and committed. It’s no different than learning any other skill in life. Time and commitment.

Will my windsurfing or kitesurfing skills help me learn wingsurfing?

Yes, a little.  Any board sports will help you with board control. Knowing a bit about the wind also helps.

Where do the lessons happen?

It depends on the wind direction. We can decide where to go approximatively two days in advance depending on the weather-forecasts.

Where do we meet on the day of the lesson?

I’ll send you a GPS link.

What are your hours?

Mostly weekends and afternoons.

What if the conditions aren’t suitable on the day of my lesson?

I will contact you as soon as possible if the conditions are forecast to be unsuitable and re-schedule the lesson for a later date.

What happens if the wind stops blowing during a lesson?

We’ll wait. If it doesn’t get better, your lesson will be rescheduled. There will be no charge.

Is Wingsurfing dangerous?

No more than riding a bicycle.

Are all instructors insured and qualified?

I don’t know about them, but I am!

How long does it take to learn to Wingsurf?

Everybody learns the sports at different rates, but we generally find that a few days is enough time to get the basics to continue comfortably practicing. Riding confidently back and forth takes a little more time, but comes quickly over your next 2 or 3 sessions and then progression is very fast.

I’m 60 years old, can I still learn?

It will take a bit longer but you’ll manage…

What do I need to bring?

You need a wetsuit and surf boots; all students are given buoyancy aids and helmet as well as the wingsurfing equipment but please bring some warm clothes as it’s almost always windy and can be cool even on a sunny day. Also sun cream and a towel plus food, drink or snacks you may want.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, I offer gift vouchers for all the courses I run. Ask for it !

What is the cancellation policy?

See the General Terms of Sale


Minimum 2hours per session

SUP rental 190dkk/session

Wetsuit rental 90dkk/session

Boots rental 49dkk/session

General Terms of Sale

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