Tritonfoils – Monowing V.1


Get ready to monowing!
Triton’s innovative, full carbon, patent-pending monofoil is the future of foiling, full stop. The T1’s revolutionary design delivers an amazing cruising, freestyle, and wave riding experience for average to advanced riders.

So how does it ride?
It’s way more turny and agile than a traditional foil. It wants to do 360s and tacks naturally. It has front foot pressure just like a traditional foil. It’s also a “breeze” to ride in low and high wind, flat water, and waves.

What’s the magic?  
Well, a lot of math went into this monofoil courtesy of our brainiac engineers. So too, a lot of prototyping…the T1 took two years to evolve from concept to ride ready wing. Use the T1 once, and you’ll agree that we’re onto something.
Who is this monofoil for?
This wing is for average riders and up. If you can gybe your foil you have the skill to unlock the T1’s amazing ride. Expert wingers will also love the T1 and its secret toolkit of tricks and hacks.
Can I just buy the monowing?
Absolutely. T1’s monowing is compatible with many aluminum masts currently on the market including Slingshot, Nobile, CORE, Crazy Fly, North, Fanatic, Axis, Shinn, Cabrinha, Liquid Force and Zeeko.
What’s included? 
The foil set comes with a custom aluminum mast,  baseplate, monowing, hardware, and sleeves (mast and wing) to protect your investment in transit on the beach.


The wing surface area is 1700cm2. There is no rear stabilizer, so treat the wing as if it was a standard foil with a smaller 1200cm2 front wing. The T1 is a low aspect wing like a B1 bomber. But don’t let that fool you. The T1 has an incredible low-end range, glide, and a top speed of 25+kts.

Aspect Ratio: Low

Size: 1708cm³​

Weight: 1300g